I have been associated with Platinum Poire for several months . The quality of their clients , combined with the level of personal attention I received, confirms , they are the most respected and dedicated matchmaking company in the business.
— Craig
I wanted to touch base and let you know things with XXX have been going amazingly well - soulmate kind of stuff happening between us. It’s been like a dream so far. I owe it all to you and Dr. G. I am falling in love with the most amazing man! All in all, life is grand.
— Christina
Thank you for everything! XX and I are having a lot of fun! I hope you are having an amazing summer. thank you - life is great- but greater when you can enjoy time and kisses with someone else!!! ;)
— Michelle
We come from completely different worlds. Not to mention we had lost hope in finding happiness again. Rori and Dr Gluck brought us together because they had an intuition that we are compatible and that we belonged together. They helped us find true happiness. We are excited to share our life together and make wonderful memories. We wish that for everyone who is searching for true love. It is never too late to find your life partner especially with the help of Platinum Poire…
— Missy
I have always dreamt of finding a life partner that I can trust, that can makes me laugh , loves to experience great adventures , enjoys wonderful conversations , is supportive , and someone who makes me feel loved and special unconditionally all the time . I am fortunate enough to have found that person through Platinumpoire. My experience has been wonderful . We both feel extremely blessed to have found each other because we would of never found each other on our own.
— Debbie
Rori and Dr. Gluck just get it! Even when I thought it wasn’t possible to fall in love again, Rori and Dr Gluck helped me find the love of my life… Thank you so much for everything you do and for helping me find my perfect match. We are forever grateful to Platinum Poire…
— Kim
Thank you so much Rori and Dr Gluck! I am beyond excited to have found my other half; I really didn’t think it was possible especially being that I am extremely picky… I feel as though you guys were my personal shoppers for my personal life ;) I am very grateful and can’t wait to see what the future has in store
— Steph
Rori!! Im so happy I listened to you… You and your team definitely know what your doing. You encouraged me to go the extra mile even though I didn’t want to listen!! I could not be happier and can’t wait to see what the future holds for xx and I!
— Michael