Platinum Poire Royale (PPR) is a VIP, invite only, power couple matchmaking service for gay men who are looking for a secure and discreet way to meet others of equal caliber. This elite matchmaking experience gives the client more time and energy to focus on relationships that truly have potential. PPR allows experts to provide the search, introduction, and dates for each client.  The matches are based off of the potential for love, friendship, similar values, compatible backgrounds, and of course attraction.  PPR guides its clients to the pragmatic and emotional understanding of oneself that is necessary to be ready for any relationship. One of commitment, friendship, and all forms of healthy love.


Our mission is to elevate the status of gay dating, resulting in a complete paradigm shift.  The expert’s at PPR focus on giving others the opportunity to shift their perspective into what is now possible - what it looks like to be happy and fulfilled in the lasting company of another where the type of partnership and alignment of goals truly exists harmoniously.  Gay or straight, Platinum Poire is changing the perception of the dating world.