Platinum Poire, a VIP, invite-­‐only, power couple service aims to create lasting relationships for elite singles looking for a secure and discreet way to meet others of equal caliber.  

Platinum Poire’s excellence is based on their thorough research of and support for their clientele. While this service welcomes all single individuals who are interested to apply, Platinum Poire prides themselves on their diligence, confidently practicing discernment when choosing who is taken on as a client. Potential clients are vetted out in a manner that is extremely attentive to accuracy and detail involving all aspects of the individual; financials, personality, background checks. This allows for the Platinum Poire database to contain highly successful, healthy, elite individuals.  

Dr. Errol Gluck, C.Ht. C.I., D.Min., is revered as the top in the nation for neuroplasticity as well as executive life coaching. Dr. Gluck’s expansive ability to work with individuals who may feel some type of hindrance in their lives, which may be holding them back from finding the perfect life partner, can be eradicated as they work with him. Rori Sassoon has a lengthy and impressive background in image consultation and styling, thus assisting in delivering a self confident and attractive individual. Dr. Errol Gluck uses his talents, after becoming very familiar with each and every client in a confidential manner, in order to suggest partnerships amongst Platinum Poire’s members that prove to be highly successful. With the team of these two esteemed professionals, the Platinum Poire client is guaranteed to be one of sophistication, intelligence and success, who is able to find someone of equivalent substance.  

The end goal of this process is to create new, lasting dynasties within Platinum Poire’s distinguished clientele.